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What if SPIDERMAN VILLAINS Were SPIDERMAN?! (Stories & Speedpaint)

Spider-man Across the Spider-verse was absolutely FANTASTIC! Which was great because I made most of this episode before seeing it 😛 I thought up a few ideas for who to turn into spider-man characters or into their spidersonas, but eventually I decided; why not just stick in the Spiderman canon and take spiderman villains to turn into spiderman?!

So, today I start with The Rhino, specifically taking inspiration for hisd esign from the Spider-man PS4 game. By the way, I got SO HYPED by the gameplay footage they showed for Spider-man 2 with the new Spidey venom symbiote suit! Anyway, second in this episode we get Electro as a version of spidey that gets his powers in an accident with Miles Morales Spidey. Then, we get Johnathan Ohnn aka The Spot as his own Spider-man! I figured with him being a core villain in Spider-verse it would be fun to make a version of him, though I pulled more from his comic book origins. Finally, because of his appearance in Spider-man 2, we have Kraven the Hunter as a mor elethal protector version of Spider-man.

I loved making this and hope it inspires or at least entertains you! Enjoy: What if SPIDERMAN VILLAINS Were SPIDERMAN?! (Stories & Speedpaint)

00:00 – Introduction
00:46 – Rhino
05:51 – Electro
11:41 – The Spot
16:07 – Kraven
20:29 – Outro and Positive Note

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