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CAPTAIN CLARKMAN’s Cosplay Costume Extravaganza! | Clark’s Halloween

Halloween 2021: (Bumblebee): In 2021, I dressed up as Bumblebee for Halloween. It was a fun and exciting costume that allowed me to transform into this iconic Autobot character from the Transformers series.

Halloween 2020: (Mario): Last year, in 2020, I decided to go as Mario for Halloween. It was a nostalgic choice, as Mario is a beloved video game character that brings back memories from my childhood. I had a blast pretending to be this famous plumber and saving the Mushroom Kingdom.

Halloween 2019: (Batman): Back in 2019, I transformed into the Dark Knight himself, Batman, for Halloween. With my cape, mask, and utility belt, I embraced the role of this iconic superhero and patrolled the streets of Gotham City, ready to protect and serve.

Halloween 2018: (Dinosaur): In 2018, I went prehistoric for Halloween and dressed up as a dinosaur. It was a roaring good time as I stomped around in my dino costume, bringing to life these ancient creatures that have always fascinated me.

Halloween 2017 (Superman): The year 2017 marked the time I became the Man of Steel, Superman, for Halloween. With my red cape and iconic “S” symbol, I embraced the role of this superhero, ready to fight for truth, justice, and the American way.

Halloween 2016 (Mickey Mouse): In 2016, I channeled my inner child and became the beloved Disney character, Mickey Mouse, for Halloween. It was a magical experience as I stepped into the shoes of this iconic character and spread laughter and joy wherever I went.

Halloween 2015: (Lion): Five years ago, in 2015, I roared into Halloween as a majestic lion. With my mane and fierce roar, I embraced the wild side and embodied the strength and beauty of these incredible creatures.

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